Kahumana Permaculture Sanctuary

Preface - Home Page

Part I: History & Legends
The History

Part II: The Vision
Different Streams Come Together
The Vision
The Intention

Part III: Structure & Plans
The Preliminary Permaculture Design
Projects And People
The Intentional Community
Building Intentional Community
The Location
The Physical Structure
1. Structures (Prioritized A-C)
2. People On The Land
Activities Within The Structure
Organizational Structure

Part IV: Community Integration
Community Vision
Cultural Heritage Recuperation

Part V: Finances & Legal Structure
Financial Outline
Managerial Outline
Progression of Planning/Completion Phases
Legal Format

Part VI: Contact Info. & Appendix
Pertinent Stakeholders
Letters Of Intention

Preface - Home Page

This Web site describes a land-based project founded on the principles of ecological, environmental and financial sustainability. Our goal is to share and to preserve one of the most pristine locations on the Big Island of Hawai'i while using parts of the land for environmental education, native restoration and sustainable agriculture.

These Web pages serve to present and exchange ideas amongst the various people involved with the Kahumana Sanctuary Project and the larger community.

We'd love to hear your manao (thoughts & feelings)
please email Nicolay Kreidler

Project Begin Tuesday Dec. 5th 2000

Updated: Thursday, February 6, 2001

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