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Different Streams Come Together
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"The truth is, there is man and there is environment. One does not supercede the other. The breath in man is the breath of Papa. Man is merely the caretaker of the land that maintains his life and nourishes his soul. Therefore, the 'aina is sacred. The church of life is not in a building, it is the open sky, the surrounding ocean, the beautiful soil..."
(George Helm, January 1977)

Different Streams Come Together

"I am alarmed when it happens that I have walked a mile into the woods bodily, without getting there in spirit . . . what business have I in the woods, if I am thinking of something out of the woods?"
(Henry David Thoreau)

We have been drawn together to make a difference with the intention of creating an experiential situation that will present ways of building an environmentally sustainable future while at the same time preserving and restoring a natural environment. A sustainable future requires that we reconnect with the Earth, our Mother and re-member ourselves as who we really are.

The site for this work that we were led to is a wonderful place that is known locally as Green Lake. It is certainly one of the most singularly wonderful pieces of land in East Hawai‘i. William Appleton was called to this land to preserve it a number of years ago. He has done this very well. The community cannot be grateful enough for this achievement.

At this point in time there is a strong sense of synchronicity as people appear with clear visions and capacities of continuing the preservation of the natural beauty and felt sacredness of the land while at the same time finding ways to facilitate a deeper understanding of sustainable practices.

Under the umbrella of Kahumana Sanctuary, a name given by the present owner of the land we propose to offer the services and structures to hold the space for hands-on educational, experiential and life-affirmative projects, courses and retreats.

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The Vision

Our Vision is one of education and leadership by example in creating alternatives to the present society and culture.
We covenant to honor, respect and grow in harmony with Earth because we value:
the sacredness of Earth's diverse life Earth's spirit
the interconnectedness of all creation participation in Earth's self-healing

We covenant to honor, respect and grow in harmony with the bio-region because we value:
being good neighbors
gaining knowledge and skills of earth-friendly sustainable methods and appropriate technologies
sharing knowledge and resources

We covenant to honor, respect and grow in harmony with each other and friends because we value:
trusting relationships characterized by honesty, integrity, and compassion
individual uniqueness and diversity
collaboration and shared leadership

We covenant to honor, respect, and grow in harmony with our own selves because we value each person's:
spiritual journey
mental and emotional well being
physical health

We covenant to strive for eco-social justice through community, spirituality, and sustainability and to celebrate our lives together

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The Intention

Our primary aim is to establish the services and structures to support the goals defined by the intention of Kahumana Sanctuary to conserve and restore the natural habitat and host projects that promote an environmentally sustainable future.

Whether involved in a project or in the ongoing services, we become an intentional community through our daily interactions with one another. The community is comprised of the workshop participants, facilitators, staff, interns, visitors, guests and the community at large who have chosen to visit, work at or support our vision. It is a group of like-minded individuals who value interdependence, mutual respect, integrity and responsibility in living together in community.

We create this rural community based on a philosophy that is not only sustainable for the present but also for future generations; not only in terms of ecological concerns, but economically, socially and spiritually.

We also aim to establish the community as a working model to demonstrate its various aspects to the wider community including but not limited to public seminars, demonstrations, guided tours and participation through the world-wide-web. It is an important consideration that we demonstrate real achievable alternatives, showing that a quality of lifestyle can be reached both materially and environmentally, all the while aiming for sustainability and self-sufficiency.

As experience and growth happens naturally in a continuous evolution the Kahumana Sanctuary can encourage and assist other projects on Hawaiian Islands and the world,

Kahumana Sanctuary is a center where we can experience the beauty of nature while exploring our potential as human beings. We operate this retreat and workshop center as a service to others, with common values guiding our actions.

Together we choose....

To recognize our reliance on this land, water and air, and be responsible in our stewardship of it

To provide an atmosphere of safety, comfort and quiet, encouraging all to awareness of their own being

To behave harmoniously, bringing communication, respect, integrity and love to our daily interaction

To welcome people of diverse cultural, economic and social backgrounds

To explore and present alternatives in the areas of human potential, bodywork, relationships, and holistic thinking

To cultivate lives of spiritual awareness and presence, while encouraging others to do the same

To create a place where the human body is nurtured, respected and celebrated

To manage our human and financial resources in a way that will permit the improvement of Kahumana Sanctuary and the support of related projects

In all our work, decisions and interactions, we choose to use conscious awareness as our guiding principle.

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